Triumph Life Savers Biometrics provides fingerprinting services for a wide variety of state and federal agencies including  industries.



Triumph Life Savers Biometrics provides a wide range of identity-related services in a safe and convenient location in Gaithersburg, MD.



Triumph Life Savers Biometrics and Fingerprinting offers partnerships to dynamic and security-minded businesses and individuals.


Triumph Life Savers Biometrics & Fingerprinting provides a wide range of identity-related services with our primary service being the secure capture and transmission of electronic fingerprints for employment, certification, licensing and other verification purposes – in a professional and convenient location in Gaithersburg. MD.

We serve Prince George, Montgomery county sas well as the rest of the State of Maryland.  We are a Maryland certified LiveScan private provider authorized by and working under the authority of the COMAR Regulation 12.15.05,



Offering A Complete Spectrum of Biometric Services

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